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Mom's Dessert Essential Oils Set

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ASAKUKI Dessert Fragrance Oils Essential Oil Gift Set Holiday Candle Scents for Candle Soap Making - Cherry, Chocolate, Gingerbread, Pumpkin Pie, Brown Sugar, Apple Sweet Scented Oils 6*10ml

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🍩6 Yummy Fragrance Oils to Your Senses: This is a lovely pack of oils that is very well packaged with the most gorgeous packaging. These heavenly and scrumptious baking-inspired scents like pumpkin pie and gingerbread! The essential oils will fill your home with the sweetness of delectable desserts whether you are using them for a diffuser around the house

🍩Extracts from high quality Ingredients: We use only the best inclusion-free botanical products and scents, knowing that you'll use these as diffuser oils to be enjoyed by your family! Use them in homemade laundry detergent, bath bombs or to mix with carrier oils

🍩Perfect Addition to DIY Your Homemade Products: Whether you're creating holiday candles, crafting homemade cubes for your wax warmer or making wonderful soap, these are the essential oils for DIY that will turn your homemade products swoon-worthy

🍩Packaged in Amber Glass Bottles Each with Embedded Droppers: The brown glass protects the oils from light to preserve freshness and each is easy to dispense with the dropper which reduces exposure to air to prevent oxidation. Enrich your every day with a fragrant journey


🍩Apple Oil x 1x

🍩Pumpkin Oil x1

🍩Gingerbread Oil x1

🍩Chocolate Oil x1

🍩Brown Sugar Oil x1

🍩Cherry Oil x1