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Wellness Blend Essential Oils Set

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Accompany All Day Long: Try this Wellness Essential Oil set by ASAKUKI! We designed these top 3 blend essential oils for your daily use from the first ray of dawn to the moonlight in the evening: Good Vibes help wake up your body in the morning, De-stress helps relax and refresh your mind during your daytime work, and the last helps create restful environment.

Pure & Natural Blend Essential Oils: We sourced globally for premium raw materials. Each synergetic blend oil is expertly formulated and hand-poured, has no additives, carriers, alcohol, fragrance-added, and is cruelty-free.

Ingredients: Plant extract essential oils included: Morning Good Vibes - clary sage, honeysuckle, kumquat, and ginkgo Biloba oil blends; Daytime De-stress - jasmine, spearmint, kumquat, and peppermint oil blends; Evening One -- chamomile, campanula blue, sandalwood, and rosemary oil blends.

Multifunctional Essential Oils: The pure fragrance oil set is good for body massage & spa, candle, soap, bath bombs making, bathing, hair care, and other fun ideas.

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🌿Morning Good Vibes Oil x 1x

🌿Daytime De-stress Oil x1

🌿Evening Sleep Better Oil x1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
shiv patel
Oil set

It's great

Nice oil for diffuser

This set of oils smell great. I bought it for my co-worker as a housewarming gift. She loves them, so I got a pack for myself. I use in my diffuser in master bedroom

Gumball Berry
Smells great.

I love this product! My mom bought this for me and I love it. There is one thing that is a little annoying though. The lid was really hard to screw off the first time. Overall, I like the way they smell.

Mrs Griz
Great product! Highly recommended.

I love it! Quality is amazing.

Jimmy Ana

This was a gift and do not know.