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Be Your Home

ASAKUKI is dedicated to combining Japanese craftsmanship with modern technology to enhance your home.

Our innovative products, such as aromatherapy diffusers and humidifiers, are designed to improve your health and quality of life.

We prioritize environmental sustainability and use high-quality materials.

Available in multiple countries, ASAKUKI offers exceptional products and personalized service to ensure a comfortable and healthy home environment.

Diffusers Freshen Your Home

Our attention to product ingredients is as high as your concern for the products in your home.

The diffuser is made of the finest PP material, which is safe for your household members.

It creates a fragrant and healthy atmosphere in your home by dispersing essential oils into the air.

Be Your Home, ASAKUKI

Comfort is the future, and ASAKUKI will continue to pursue innovation.

Uphold the principle of customer-first, and bring our vision of a better home to life.