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Cozy Essential Oil Set

$16.99 $16.99

Premium Essential Oils Blend: ASAKUKI Cozy Set includes Immunity (immunity boosting), Calm Mind (mind clearing), and Sweet Dreams (MiSleep Assistance). A little goes a long way, wish you a good night and healthier life. Perfect gift for family/friends.Pure & Natural Plant Extract Oils -- We sourced globally for premium raw materials. Each synergetic blend oil is expertly formulated and hand-poured, has no additives, carriers, alcohol, fragrance-added, and is cruelty-free.

Ingredients: This blend essential oil kit includes: Immunity - ginger, rose, white tea, geranium, lime cranberry oil blends; Calm Mind - ylang-ylang, cherry blossom, sweet orange, peppermint, marjoram, spearmint oil blends; Sweet Dreams - frankincense, mayflower, lime, chamomile, lavender, fir oil blends.

Multifunctional Scented Oils: good for aromatherapy, infusion, diffusion, massage, natural perfumery, bath oil, hair care, air freshening, compresses, soap & bath bomb, and candles making.

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🍃Immunity Oil x 1x

🍃Ingredients:ginger, rose, white tea, geranium, lime cranberry

🌿Calm Mind Oil x1

🌿Ingredients:ylang-ylang, cherry blossom, sweet orange, peppermint, marjoram,spearmint

🎋Sweet Dreams Oil x1

🎋Ingredients:frankincense, mayflower, lime, chamomile, lavender, fir

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Customer Reviews

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Cathy Crary
Love it.

I love the COZY SET. There are 3 different blend oils and they smell nice. I use sweet dreams in diffuser at night, calm mind in the tub, and immunity in my closet. I think they are doing a great job so far. Very happy with these oils. I plan on getting more fragrances from them in the future.

Tabatha Huckeba



The calm mind oil has helped with my headaches after tired working day.

Works Amazing

I love this package. I have high anxiety and the calm mind one works great with it. I used the sweet dream one last night slept great. Will buy again.

Wendy Woods
Good for spa

I use them for spa. Love the immunity scent, I can smell ginger, rose, lime and white tea.