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Cozy Essential Oil Set

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ASAKUKI Cozy Essential Oil Blend Set of 3 for Diffusers Humidifiers - Breathe, Sleep, Calming Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Massage Spa Candle Scents 10ML

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🌿Premium Essential Oils Blend -- ASAKUKI Cozy Set includes Immunity (immunity boosting), Calm Mind (mind clearing), and Sweet Dreams (MiSleep Assistance). A little goes a long way, wish you a good night and healthier life. Perfect gift for family/friends.Pure & Natural Plant Extract Oils -- We sourced globally for premium raw materials. Each synergetic blend oil is expertly formulated and hand-poured, has no additives, carriers, alcohol, fragrance-added, and is cruelty-free.

🌿Ingredients -- This blend essential oil kit includes: Immunity - ginger, rose, white tea, geranium, lime cranberry oil blends; Calm Mind - ylang-ylang, cherry blossom, sweet orange, peppermint, marjoram, spearmint oil blends; Sweet Dreams - frankincense, mayflower, lime, chamomile, lavender, fir oil blends.

🌿Multifunctional Scented Oils: good for aromatherapy, infusion, diffusion, massage, natural perfumery, bath oil, hair care, air freshening, compresses, soap & bath bomb, and candles making.


🍃Immunity Oil x 1x

🍃Ingredients:ginger, rose, white tea, geranium, lime cranberry

🌿Calm Mind Oil x1

🌿Ingredients:ylang-ylang, cherry blossom, sweet orange, peppermint, marjoram,spearmint

🎋Sweet Dreams Oil x1

🎋Ingredients:frankincense, mayflower, lime, chamomile, lavender, fir

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Customer Reviews

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Cathy Crary
Love it.

I love the COZY SET. There are 3 different blend oils and they smell nice. I use sweet dreams in diffuser at night, calm mind in the tub, and immunity in my closet. I think they are doing a great job so far. Very happy with these oils. I plan on getting more fragrances from them in the future.

Tabatha Huckeba



The calm mind oil has helped with my headaches after tired working day.

Rusty Coblentz
It’s ok

Smells ok. Not sure if they actually help me sleep or not, but they smell nice.

Works Amazing

I love this package. I have high anxiety and the calm mind one works great with it. I used the sweet dream one last night slept great. Will buy again.