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Decency Essential Oils Set

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ASAKUKI Essential Oils Father Day Gift Set Premium Fragrance Oil for Gentlemen, Candle & Soap DIY Making

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🌿100% Plants Extracts - These essential oils are extracted from the premium resin, roots or leaves of organic plants with supercritical CO₂ extraction and stored in a durable amber glass bottle.

🌿Multipurpose Oils - Pure natural oils with deep perfume going well with diffusers, humidifiers, candles and soap making at home or a large room full of fresh fragrances even for beginners.

🌿Trusted Quality - ASAKUKI essential oils not only have qualified Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Certificate of Authenticity (COA) but also passed Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS).


🌿Sandalwood Oil x 1x

🌿 Cedarwood Oil x1

🌿Frankincense Oil x1

🌿Teakwood Oil x1

🌿Sweet Tobacco Oil x1

🌿Bay Rum Oil x1

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