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How To Clean Your Diffuser - The Easiest Way

pura diffuser

Why Should You Clean the Diffuser?

Let me guess, how long haven't you cleaned your diffuser? A day? A week? Or even a month? If you let water sit in the reservoir for a while, there's a possibility that mold or mildew can grow. That's the last thing you want to be diffusing into your air when you breath in. Essential oils can leave an oily residue on the machinery, and once this builds up it can hinder the diffuser's ability to perform at max capacity. Additionally, if you're enjoying oils with a strong scent (valerian comes to mind), it can linger in your diffuser. This can cause an unpleasant experience when you opt to switch to another oil.

How Often Should You Clean the Diffuser?

We recommend that you wash your diffuser after each use, especially when you don't want to mix the flavor of essential oils, rinse the essential oils remaining in the water tank with water, and you can start a journey of enjoying new essential oils. At the same time, if there is still remaining water and essential oil in the water tank after use, please dump it in time to avoid prolonged storage which may cause bacteria to grow.

How to Clean the Diffuser?

1. Make sure your diffuser is unplugged from its power outlet before attempting to clean it

2. Pour excess water into the sink

3. Refill the diffuser about halfway with clean water

4. Add 5-10 drops of pure white vinegar. 

5. Let the scent diffuser run for about 3-5 minutes

6. Use a wet cotton swab to clean the middle white disc of the tank

7. Clean the tank again with running clean water

8. Wipe the diffuser with a dry soft cloth or cotton bud(especially the mist outlet and vibration plate)

Final Words

Regular maintenance not only ensures optimal performance but also helps preserve the integrity of your diffuser oils. So, don't wait any longer – give your diffuser the TLC it deserves today!

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  • Asakuki Owner on

    When purchasing this product the book does not mention. Running the diffuser. It says to leave the diffuser for 5 minutes, gently shake and dump out.

    Directions could be more informative when shipped with the device, but does not read that way. :)

  • ej on

    I have mold growing under the lid of the top part of the diffuser. How do i get to this without breaking it? White vinegar and even a diluted bleach has not worked. I can see it and it smells awful

  • someone on

    can you please make a video of how to clean my asakuki oil diffuserr as it would be easier for me to understand

  • cami on

    i dont have white vinager how do i clean it without?

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