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ASAKUKI 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • ALL-IN-1 AROMATHERAPY DEVICE: The ASAKUKI metal essential oil diffuser can be used as an aromatherapy diffuser, a humidifier, a decorative item, or a nightlight. Rely on its waterless auto-off feature and ultrasonic technology, it will be safe to use when you are sleeping. 
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere: This beautiful diffuser can help you relieve stress when you get home from work. A pleasant aroma will fill your home with the scent of your chosen essential oil. It's something your whole family will enjoy!
  • Easy to use & Easy to move: The diffuser has two buttons and is very easy to operate. This 150ml metal essential oil diffuser only requires a small amount of space, so you can put it on your desk, bedside, table, in your living room, etc.
  • Two Mist modes & Amazing lights: The diffuser have two modes: intermittent mode (8-10 hours) or continuous mode (6-8 hours). One of the most attractive features is the colorful lights. The LED lights can be lit in 7 different colors, create a unique ambiance against the black forest.
  • An ideal gift for everyone: The ASAKUKI metal essential oil diffuser helps to create a peaceful and comfortable environment for you to relax and enjoy life. Make it be the best gift for your friends and family.