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Auto 500 Essential Oil Diffuser

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ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser with Automatic Add Oil Design, Aromatherapy Diffuser with 8 LED Light Colors, Smart Scent Aroma Diffuser - Wide 500ml Water Tank, 4 Timers Scent Diffuser for Home, Spa

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🍃Patented Auto Add Oil Design: Enjoy 17-hour consistent fragrance with the innovative diffuser with automatic oil extraction technology. Simply press the “OIL” button once and the oil diffuser will set to low concentration aroma mode - or, double-press the button to change to high concentration aroma mode.

🍃100% Immersive Aromatherapy Experience: This aroma diffuser is easy to adjust to your aromatherapy needs. Install universal 5ml or 10ml your favorite essential oil to enjoy the long lasting scent. You can enjoy the fragrance without adding essential oil personally. Save time and effort with this novelty aromatherapy diffuser.

🍃Efficient Essential Oil Diffuser For Large Room: Want to enjoy the natural fragrance of aromatherapy in your home? This aromatherapy essential oil diffuser has a full 500ml water tank and will easily fill your space with a calming fragrance. Refresh your atmosphere for 12 hours on the strong mist mode or for a full 17 hours on the weak mist mode.

🍃Practical Sleep Diffuser With Timer: Set the timer of this beautiful oil diffuser on a 2-hour, 4-hour, 6-hour or steady ON mode and enhance your room atmosphere. Comes with 2 bottles of essential oil sample. Boost your productivity or create ambiance for the romantic dinner with your favorite essential oils.

🍃Light Changing Diffuser Brightens Your Room: With 8 colorful LED lights, this large room diffuser sheds warm, soothing light into your room, helping you enjoy the atmosphere at home or office. Turn off the light if you like and emerge in relaxation - our oil infuser keeps noise levels at just 36dB and won't disturb your sleep.

🍃Diffuser x1

🍃User Manual x1

🍃Essential Oil Samples x2

🍃AC Adaptor x1

🍃5* Catheters

🍃Dimensions:6 x 6 x 6 inches

🍃Weight:1.8 lb


🍃Capacity: 500ml

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