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How To Join Plant Protection Plan?

Incorporating greenery into your space is an excellent way to bring life into your home. But unbeknownst to some plant parents, most houseplants benefit from increased humidity,but experts recommend investing in a humidifier to regulate the moisture in your home.

"Humidifiers are an excellent option for plant parents who want to help mimic the natural environment of most plants," Alessia Resta, plant blogger and founder of Apartment Botanist, explains. "They add moisture into the air, allowing for plants to absorb that moisture through their pores. I love using my humidifier daily, as it keeps the plants looking lush; the additional moisture helps when new leaves are unfurling, so they don't get stuck or snap."

Below, explore the best humidifiers for plants and join us to get a free humidifier to help your indoor plants thrive.

Step1:Fill out your social medias infos and your shipping address.
Step2:Post some pictures or videos about your plants and humidifier on your media.