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New members who join the VIP group will receive a 20% discount coupon. In addition, if you purchase Asakuki products through Amazon, you will receive membership points, and a 12-month extended warranty after the order is submitted.

Membership points can redeem products and gift cards.

ASAKUKI official Facebook group

The ASAKUKI Facebook group is an exclusive community for ASAKUKI's friends and VIP members. We will share special offers (up to 50% discount) and recruit group members to experience new products for free in the group. The recruitment of product experience officers will only be carried out in this group. All ASAKUKI members can communicate with each other in this group while enjoying the exclusive monthly discounts provided by ASAKUKI.So, if you want to get your hands on the exclusive discounts or be the 1st person to experience our new products, join our group today. 

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