Brand Profile

Asakuki has been committed to bringing high-quality household products with a Japanese spirit to consumers in North America and worldwide. Over the past decade, leveraging the founder's accumulated product R&D experience, supply chain and channel resources, Asakuki, a household products brand, has been "dedicated to creating a better life" by integrating product quality and North American technology. The initial objective of the Asakuki brand rests in offering people the convenience of enjoying a high-quality household life. "Innovation", "Comfort" and "Technology " constitute the three elements of the brand's DNA. Everyone can freely enjoy wonderful and diverse commodities with no concern for price and no dilemma. You can have them all as long as you like them! As of December 2020, Asakuki has entered more than 10 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. By virtue of the characteristics of aesthetics, high quality and high cost-effectiveness, and with the Japanese "craftsmanship", Asakuki has rapidly gained its reputation for technological innovation, high quality and high efficiency, which has firmly established its image and status as a premium brand in the international market.

Brand Philosophy

More than being merely a brand, it is also a lifestyle. It is devoted to "For a Better Life" and advocates to introduce a new household style and a new life for global consumers with ease and pleasure.